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Transforming the way we connect with our world.


how we do it

Founder of GMI, and creator of the podcast "What Guides You", James leads us in guided meditation and asks that all important question.


In his upcoming courses James teaches "How to Lead Your Signature Guided Meditation" in a six week course culminating with an online virtual event, GMI Live. 


Also discover your personal meditation model by combining the ancient art of meditation with the modern science of brainwaves.

Learn more on his upcoming podcast What Guides You?


who we serve

We train and certify leaders, therapists, coaches, and health & wellness practitioners

who want to leverage guided meditation

as a tool for enhanced client progress.


what we believe

We believe that guided meditation aligns us with that something greater than ourselves...


And connects us in relationship to something extraordinary, our self...our present moment authentic self.


We believe that discovering your personal meditation model is as important as understanding the universal experiences that connect us in  meditation.

We believe that guiding another in meditation is meditation for all.

And we believe in letting go to get there.


how to join

We offer training in guided meditation through the course launching in January 2021, called

"How to Lead Your Signature Guided Meditation."

Also, please stay tuned for our weekly Podcast "What Guides You?"

and free monthly live zoom call to get a closer look.

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