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Come Journey
In Boulder, CO

Medicine Journey Work - Private

Opposite of insecurity, anxiety, addiction, trauma is a calm, clear, secure relationship with yourself...but the cure is a secure connection with Spirit!

All healing involves a dis-identification with our smaller self and a re-identification of our larger Self & Spirit.

 Intro Medicine Journey

  • Intro to Guided Medicine Journey

  • One on One

  • Private Session - During


  • Perfect if you have never journeyed before, or have had a history of challenging journeys.

Private Retreat

  • IN PERSON - (approx 24 hrs)

  • One on One Private Retreat

  • 2 days/ one night - Retreat plus Guided Medicine Journey

  • Incl. Private Sessions Pre work

  • Incl. Private Session Post Integration

  • Sleeping and food accommodations provided

  • Group rates may vary

  • Perfect if you are ready to have that deep expanded connection to spirit.

Private Retreat +


  • $2,500 Private Retreat for Medicine Journey

  • Pre & Post Integration Work

  • Two Follow Up 2.0 hr sessions.

  • Custom Guided Meditation Audio recording from your Journey and work with lasting benefits.

  • Group rates may vary

  • Perfect if you are committed to integrating the deep work you do into your work and daily life for results that last!

We will recommend a Consulting Physician for any and all medications.

Integration work that is provided before and after your medicine journey and included in the package is required.

Thank you


Integration Work - Pre & Post

Get the most out of your medicine journey while its happening, and realize the lasting benefits.



  • Makes the effects from your Deep Work last!

  • Pre & Post Integration Work for

  • Private Session or Medicine Journeys

  • Group Class - Meets once per week for six weeks.

  • 6 weeks online

  • Accountability Partner

  • Includes 5 minute Custom guided meditation recorded by James

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