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Kick off your calls, events, & podcasts.

Give them an experience they'll never forget,
make them feel safe and cared for.

Imagining Change Talk - Studio Excerpt Final - AMP 15James Ripley
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Large Groups - Brainwaves & Meditation

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Help them get clearer, calmer, and more connected.

"I'm reset for the rest of the day!"

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What could 5 minutes of meditation do for your group?

Deep work, get good at being uncomfortable with yourself for real growth



The Dig Co - - Talk - "Imagining Change"

GUIDED MEDITATION FOR GROUPS: B2B calls, classes, events


Global Healing Collective - Suzanne Hanna <>

Touch Base Counseling - Ric Taylor -


TESTIMONIALS on Workshops page

Erin Weed, Evoso Speaker Academy

My audience needed a way to ground and reset after attending a full day of talks. After few minutes with James leading us in his magical way, you could here a pin drop. It's was exactly what my audience needed before we brought a close to the event. Founder, Evoso Live,

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Jessica Hartung,
Strategic Advisor & Author of The Conscious Professional

Don’t meditate with someone else’s images or words, create your own! 


Reaching a meditative state more easily and more often is a gift that lasts.


This workshop results in a personalized meditation that you create using your own unique words and symbols that have meaning especially for you.  


As James expertly and compassionately guides the group, I find it  empowering to meditate and access inner symbols that matter to me personally. This increased my focus, my ability to stay present, and to feel like I belong to myself more often. Do this for yourself.


Ric Taylor, Owner of Touch Base Counseling

I am a therapist, coach, and business consultant with my own practice. I worked with James over a year ago in making some big transitions in my career and personal life. 
James' guided meditation process helped me get clear about things in my life that weren't right for me anymore.
More importantly the work helped me to get and stay in touch with a much bigger life vision, a vision that is still guiding my life today.

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