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Transform the way we connect with our world.


about the course

Re-Imagine 2021 & Create A Custom

Guided Meditation for Your Year

& Explore Your Personal Meditation Model

What if shaping the next year of your life could be as easy as writing your own guided meditation?


Guided meditation helps you remember who you are and what’s important.

It helps bring you back to that primary intention that could guide your entire life in a sustainable way.

It helps you stay aligned even with distractions.

Most importantly, it helps us remember what it means to be guided when we listen with a deeply inward focus.


During this workshop, James will lead you in various guided meditations. All attendees will participate by discovering and sharing about what you really want?


By the end of the workshop you will have created your very own custom guided meditation that honors both your meditation style, and your primary intention and goals.


• Two part live virtual workshop

• Thursday Feb 18th (10am-1pm MST) & Friday Feb19th (10am-1pm) (3 hrs x 2days)

• Instructed by James Ripley live on Zoom

• Guided meditation experiences & worksheets

• Takeaway your own custom guided meditation


Your instructor is James Ripley, Founder of the Guided Meditation Institute. He is a writer, speaker, & trainer in Boulder, Co who is certified in the art and science of guided meditation.

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