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  • the story of James 

  • how he got started 

  • where he got certified/trained


Hi, I'm James.


I grew up in Rocky River just outside of Cleveland, Ohio in a family of 4 kids, amazing parents, & always surrounded by good people!


When I was about 16 years old, I'd come home from football practice completely exhausted and lay down flat on my back on the floor next to the couch as I stayed out of the way of my parents getting dinner ready. Commonly referred to as a power nap, when I'd wake up my mind would be clear, my body was incredibly calm,  and I'd just lay there very still with my eyes closed and listen to my surroundings, feeling completely bliss-ed out and connected to everything.

Little did I know - I was meditating.


Esalen Institute Big Sur, CA - Feb 2009 - Lead 5 Day Workshop

So I continued  my studies of relaxation and meditation in 1992 with the hypnosis society in college at Miami University of Ohio. 

Much later I got certified by the Anna Wise Center as an Awakened Mind™ meditation & brainwave trainer that combines the ancient art of meditation with the modern science of biofeedback using EEG, SC (skin conductance), HRV (heart rate variability). Helping folks learn how to relax both thier mind and body.


While completing the certification program I was selected to apprentice with Anna Wise, the developer of the Awakened Mind™ Brainwave Training, the foremost international authority on brainwave states and guided meditation at the time; where he assisted in the training of other practitioners at The Anna Wise Center, lead workshops, and private sessions.

​​I now create guided meditation programs that give others the opportunity to develop greater awareness of their own mind-body connection.

And the opportunity to create life changing habits and connect with others while learning the invaluable skill set of relaxation, meditation, and high performance.

While the universal truths about the science of relaxation and meditation are important to me, ultimately I enjoy helping others through guided meditation to discover what’s unique about their meditation that keeps them coming back for more, and to guide others.

And because I  have had sleep challenges throughout my life, and because of the growing epidemic of sleep disorders, I has recently developed the Goodnite Guru - 21 Day Guided Meditation Program for Sleep along with the digital downloads for additional support.
Rocky Mountain Recording Studio - Denver - 2012 - Recording 1st CD with the amazing Lisa Guyman

Now my attention is focused creating guided meditations and trainings to help others learn how to lead guided meditation for others, and discover thier own personal meditation model. And I am very excited about my upcoming podcast called What Guides You.

I hope you can join me sometime soon.  :-) James

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