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& Transform the Way You Connect with the World

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James Ripley, Founder / Instructor

A pioneer in connecting higher states of performance and consciousness with human brain wave patterns, he combines the ancient art of meditation with modern day biofeedback principles where interactive guided meditation is the tool to unlock your potential.


James works one-on-one with individuals to help them get epic clarity with their meditation vision, so they can bring what they really want to life. So they can be true to themselves with their work, relationships, and life.

Guiding others in meditation is James’ life work and personal focus. He is often in the Colorado mountains appreciating nature, writing guided meditations, star-gazing and enjoying the wonder.


Now enjoying the freedom of online Zoom connections for convenient private sessions, speaking and classes, James beams meditation guidance, and training in the reflective arts to clients all over the world.  


James' clients are looking for that next level vision & clarity of purpose that only comes with personal growth work, as well as enjoying the health & wellness benefits of being true to themselves and on purpose.

Learn about custom tailored meditation with James.

Guided meditation is a powerful way to drop into a meditative state easily, anytime and anywhere! This allows you to stay connected to what's meaningful for you, even in a world filled with distractions. Figure out what you really, really want...and the best way for you to attain it.


  • Your Next Level Purpose & Vision

  • A Clear & Compelling Next Step for Major Transitions in Business & Life

  • Pre & Post Integration for Medicine Journeys

Meditation Podcast Topics

Upcoming Podcast Guest Topics:  

  • Meditations To Live By

  • State Fluency: Shifting brainwave states

  • Focus & Flow States

  • Presence, your single greatest leverage point for change

Career Highlights

Wellness Modalities:

  • Les Fehmi - Open Focus Certification 2018

  • Certified as an Awakened Mind™ Meditation & Brainwave and Practitioner by The Anna Wise Center 2009

  • Lead the 5-day workshop Awakened Mind Brainwave & Meditation Training at the Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA.

  • Chinese Medicine School (partial) - TSCM (Denver) ‘06

  • First Ayahuasca journey with Shaman (in Peru) '97

  • Certified massage therapist - MTIC Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado (Denver) – ’94-‘01

  • Hypnosis Society - Miami University, OH '90


Guided by the way you want to feel.

60 secs - As shown in brain imagery, State Fluency is demonstrated by a participant who is intentionally shifting his brainwave state into a state of anxiety - type intermittent OCD - and then back out again.


This is a learned behavior. 

When learning how to deal with stress and calm. Its important to know how to shift out of a state of anxiety, its also important to learn experientially how you arrive there (anxiety) in the first place. An where a state of calm is for you.

You can build this awareness easily without brainwaves instruments.

Here at the Guided Meditation Institute
We know that you want to be true to yourself; with your work, with your life, with what guides you.
But in order to do that you are looking for a new way to get crystal clear about what you really really want, and stay present with it, so there's no doubt you can move forward.
The problem is all of life's distractions keep you from owning your truth which make you feel "stuck."
But I believe that its a waste of our God-given imagination not to be moving forward on our path.
I don't just care that you get epic clarity with your meditation vision, I care that you bring what you really want to life.
That's why for over 30 years I have worked with others to help them discover their way forward; studying the mind body connection the whole way through.
To support them even more I have been trained and certified in the art and science of guided meditation with biofeedback.
And what I've found is that everyone has a way of connecting the dots;  from what's inside to "who" and "where" they really want to be. 
So for those of you who are ready for that next level? Here's how you do it. 1st You schedule a free intro call with me to experience the work. 2nd, select the package that's right for you.
And three, you take away your very own custom Guided Meditation to Live By.
So you can be free to take that next step on purpose and be guided there.
So you can stop wasting time being blocked from your path
And be true to you!, and what guides you.

Corporate Meditation Talks, Workshops, and Trainings.
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