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Digital Downloads

  • Get Guided on your own time

Group $50/mos 

  • 50 min Session @ Zoom

  • 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Monday @ 7pm MST

  • Experience it, Gift It!

Private - $150

  • 50 Hr Session @ Zoom

  • With James, or With Hunter

Just as there are powerful ways to visualize a desired outcome for positive results, there are also potent ways to release anxiety and overwhelm for instant relief, as well as limiting beliefs.

  • Experience real results for instant relief from anxiety, debilitating stress, anger, depression, sleeplessness.

  • Get results on demand for any life situation.

  • Quickly learn a life skill that you can use at home, at work, in your car.

Sleep – Did you know that a deep state of relaxation can be more restorative than sleep? Trade in the time you spend trying to fall asleep, and master this technique of relaxing and releasing, and let go to get there.

Relationship Drama – Perhaps you’re making mountains out of mole hills, or there really is a seriously stressful situation. Release acute stress for instant relief, and keep chronic stress at bay and from accumulating in the body.

Money – If you have ever felt your finances being squeezed, you understand the intense pressure it can cause, and how it can damage every aspect of your life.  Further compounding itself through unwanted behaviors, and poor decisions that actually push even the good opportunities away.

If you are experiencing this in any form then it’s time to remove those stubborn negative blocks around your money.

All of us have the wisdom inside of us that we need - sometimes it's just hard to access on our own.


James Ripley is Founder of the Guided Meditation Institute. For the past 28 years, James has studied how to create real, lasting change by leveraging the power of our brainwave states and what guides us.  He is a writer, speaker, & trainer in Boulder, CO who is certified in the art and science of guided meditation. In addition to teaching this skill, James loves working with people 1:1 to attain the custom results they crave in their life. 

Hunter Milligan is a bad ass father of two boys, husband, and mentor-coach to many. He has been doing the release technique for over 20 years. He over came chronic fatigue with it. He has a daily Wim Hoff cold bath practice that brings greater energy and a sense of well being. He introduced the method to James.


In this session we may address: (but not limited to)


When & Where: 


Extra Bonus:


Session Outcomes: 


Upon completion of this session, you will find greater calm and clarity with the issue you are being challenged by.


Next Steps: 


Click below to book your session today. You may also consider signing up for the Online Class here, if you're interested in having the support of the group. Or get a taste of it with a digital download.

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