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For your group calls, events, and podcasts.
Kick it off or close it out with James

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For faster response feel free to text or call James @ 720 231-7900.

Your Events

5-15 min. guided meditation online

"My calls are starting to get stale"

"Can I keep my attendees engaged for the whole event?"

"How can my podcast be deliver more for my audience?"

Hi I'm James Ripley, and I'm really looking forward to supporting your community and providing an opportunity for your audience to get into a more present moment meditative state that's more resourceful for them.

Imagine the change...Impact with Purpose -  For your Calls, Events, and Podcasts

At Open - Set the Tone

The Kick-off meditation is about setting the intention for the day and imagining change you would like to see. Getting clear about what you want out of this experience; opening minds and hearts with an attitude of curiosity so that people can take-in the most meaningful information from the day Get clear, calm and connected before you move forward..


At Mid Point- Recharge & Reset! (lunch)

Post lunch the audience may feel a bit fatigued, lethargic, & scattered. Win your audience’s attention back by helping them get fully grounded, clear & re-energized for the afternoon, and simultaneously tee up the afternoon for your guests. Invite all to learn an essential work flow skill; how to “Meditate Easily, Anytime, Anywhere..

At Close.

Show your appreciation for their hard earned work and support them with “Implementing Change” in a more personally sustainable way. Wrap it up with a bow by providing one last moment to reflect on the day and appreciate the people who will design a purpose driven future for our collective success


Guided meditation helps you remember who you are, and what’s important to us. It clarifies what you want, and helps you achieve it in a sustainable way. It helps you stay aligned - even in a world with so many distractions.


What's an area of your life that you'd like to change..?




Your instructor is James Ripley, Founder of the Guided Meditation Institute. For 28 years, James has studied how to create real, lasting change by leveraging the power of our brainwave states and what guides us.  He is a writer, speaker, & trainer in Boulder, CO who is certified in the art and science of guided meditation.


Guided Meditation Talk - "Imagining Change" at Evoso Live 3-29-18



Erin Weed, Owner of The Dig Company

James was one of the stand outs at an all day event I hosted on a stage filled with gifted speakers.
The way James delivered meditation for my audience of over one hundred people was stunning. You could hear a pin drop.
It's clear James is both experienced and gifted in leading groups in guided meditation. Whatever he's doing - IT WORKS. If you're ready to up-level your groups' experience at an event or just kick off a coaching call...his style is for you.

Jessica Hartung.jpg

Jessica Hartung, Author of Conscious Professional

Don’t meditate with someone else’s images or words, create your own! 


Reaching a meditative state more easily and more often is a gift that lasts.


This workshop results in a personalized meditation that you create using your own unique words and symbols that have meaning especially for you.  


As James expertly and compassionately guides the group, I find it  empowering to meditate and access inner symbols that matter to me personally. This increased my focus, my ability to stay present, and to feel like I belong to myself more often. Do this for yourself.


Ric Taylor, Therapist/Trainer/Consultant

I am a therapist, coach, and business consultant with my own practice. I worked with James over a year ago in making some big transitions in my career and personal life. 


James' guided meditation process helped me get clear about things in my life that weren't right for me anymore.


More importantly the work helped me to get and stay in touch with a much bigger life vision, a vision that is still guiding my life today.

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