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& Create a Relaxed Productive Environment for the People You Serve

Group Training with James

You value meditation, and would like to bring it into the work place in a better way.

​You are already leading guided meditations, or looking to.


You always wanted to help ground your team into a more relaxed focused state to begin the day, or wrap up the day with a good feeling, but wonder how to do it?

You've seen others do it, professionals leading their team into a productive flow state and think...


"I want to have that impact too...but I don't know how to."


This training is for you.


Imagine if helping your team ground into a more relaxed and productive flow state was exactly the leadership your people needed.

Imagine the calm, mindful connection your team members could enjoy with each other.

Imagine how easy it would be to set the tone for the day, and intentionally create a way for your team to ground back in.


Open, close, and enhance any event, meeting, both virtually & in person.

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Zoom Calls

Do it with the work you already do.

This facilitator training will teach team leaders how to lead a 1-5 minute guided meditation for greatest impact, complimenting your existing work! ...and helping others leverage the present moment meditative state for the benefit of all, while leading them to inspired action that's on purpose.


Think of the people that you serve everyday. Maybe in meetings, events, or one-on-ones, in person & virtually. All these activities give us an opportunity to lead people in a new way.


This facilitator training will turn you into a leader of guided meditation.  (yes, seriously, and you'll want to use it every chance you get.) 


And here's the best news: You don't have to be a great writer or meditation expert to achieve this goal. 


For the final part you will be connected with fellow leaders and participants who share this curiosity and are ready to explore receiving guided meditation from you. Create a profound connection with your audience, experience a sense of calm confidence as you create a vehicle for others' imagination to thrive.

In This Facilitator Training You Will Learn: 



The science behind why guided meditation works

How to help others become more relaxed, focused, and productive. 

How to Lead a simple Guided Meditation

How to Set it up, and Close it out for greatest impact.

When & Where: 


  • Intro Call - Schedule online or text 720 231-7900

  • Live on Zoom

  • All classes will be recorded and available for download


Extra Bonuses: 


  • One 50 minute one-on-one with James.

  • Digital Download for Meditation

  • Handouts (pdf)


Training Outcomes: 

Upon completion of this training, you'll be confident in leading a simple 1-5 minute guided meditation that works every time. Within no time, you can truthfully say, "I lead my teams in guided meditation" and enjoy all the benefits that come with creating that connection point with the people you serve.



Your instructor is James Ripley, Founder of the Guided Meditation Institute. For 28 years, James has studied how to create real, lasting change by leveraging the power of our brainwave states.  He is a writer, speaker, & trainer in Boulder, CO who is certified in the art and science of guided meditation.


You deserve to help the people you serve in a new way to truly inspired action that's on purpose. Sometimes it's the little things, like a few minutes in guided meditation makes it possible. 

Nest Steps:

Click below to schedule a call with James today.

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