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What Makes A Great Talk - 7 min Guided Meditation for Evoso SpeakersArtist Name
00:00 / 07:00

Intro Part  0:00 - 1:52   (Ends with 4:25 remaining)
Guided Meditation Part 1:55 - 7:00  (Starts with 4:25 remaining)


One Project in Progress: Guided Meditation for Evoso Speakers
"What Makes A Great Talk"

Dear Erin,

I so enjoyed your project. Please find your mp3 file attached. It's 3.3MB, and small enough to email to your speakers. Enjoy!




Details: Guided Meditation

Title: What Makes A Great Talk - Guided Meditation for Evoso Speakers (7 min)

About: This guided meditation is custom tailored for your Evoso speakers.

It includes a two minute intro that sets up the guided meditation and primes the listener.

  • Intro Part  0:00 - 1:52

  • Guided Meditation Part 1:55 - 7:00

Purpose: Supports speakers in owning their truth and sharing a message that matters.

Usage: Speakers to use in the days, weeks, & months leading up to their talk. 


  • Are there any remaining suggested changes by you?

  • To Review: Please Listen

  • Details: This guided meditation format is most similar to the Evoso Live Talk by James: It includes a 2 minute reflection to set up the guided meditation and prime the listener.

  • Notes: Evergreen need to discuss usage

  • Notes: Speakers to use days. weeks, months before their talk.


  • Estimated 100% finished

Thank you for your business.

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