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Bring What You
Really Want To Life!

Custom Guided Meditation

  • Your Next Level Purpose & Vision

  • A Clear & Compelling Next Step for Major Transitions in Business & Life

  • Pre & Post Integration Work

Guided meditation is a powerful way to drop into a meditative state easily, anytime and anywhere! This allows you to stay connected to what's meaningful for you, even in a world filled with distractions. Figure out what you really, really want...and the best way for you to attain it.

  • Are you faced with a challenge, opportunity or crossroads and need clarity from within?

  • Have you tried other people's systems, coaching or expertise and it just doesn't seem to fit?

  • Do you feel curious about the power of the mind and brain states to shift how you show up in the world?


If so, get your custom guided meditation today.

All of us have the wisdom inside of us that we need - sometimes it's just hard to access on our own. James Ripley is Founder of the Guided Meditation Institute. For the past 28 years, James has studied how to create real, lasting change by leveraging the power of our brainwave states and what guides us.  He is a writer, speaker, & trainer in Boulder, CO who is certified in the art and science of guided meditation. In addition to teaching this skill, James loves working with people 1:1 to attain the custom results they crave in their life. 


In this session we may address: (but not limited to) 


  • Wanting to manifest better relationships, more financial abundance or more focused creativity

  • Working through anxiety about something in your life, and craving more confidence 

  • Needing clarity around a life opportunity and you need to make a choice

  • Seeking next steps in how to approach an obstacle or problem in your life or career 

  • Whatever else that feels unsettling or stressful, that only guidance from within yourself can help with


When & Where: 


  • We will meet on Zoom for this interactive guided meditation session

  • Each session is two hours long 

  • After you purchase your session, expect an email to schedule it.


Extra Bonus: 


  • Audio recap (mp3) of you session created by James to use as a personalized 5 minute guided meditation.


Session Outcomes: 


Upon completion of this session, you will find greater calm and clarity with the issue you are being challenged by. You will also create your own "metaphor" for how to best move forward, giving you something for your mind to root into beyond your time with James. Clear and actionable next steps are part of this experience. 

Also, ask about getting your personalized Guided Meditation To Lead By upgraded package.


Next Steps: 


Click below to book your session today. You may also consider signing up for the Online Class here, if you're interested in creating your own custom guided meditation and starting a daily meditation practice. Many people do several sessions with James, but start with one and see if the method connects with you.


  • 75 min Session @ Zoom

  • Experience it, or

  • Gift It!


  • 2.0 Hr Session @ Zoom

  • Audio Recap to Meditate To - Recorded By James

  • 15 min Intro Call


  • Two x 2.0 Hr Sessions @ Zoom

  • Guided Meditation to Lead By - Recorded by James

  • Audio Recap to Meditate To - Recorded By James

  • 15 min Intro Call

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