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8 Weeks - Live Calls

Have you always wanted to have a daily meditation practice? 

Have you read articles about successful, super-busy people who are daily meditators, and wondered how that was actually possible?


If so, this class is for you.


Imagine if meditation wasn't another tedious task on your to-do list, but instead is something you look forward to...

Imagine the peace, clarity and confidence you could enjoy by having a solid meditation practice, Monday thru Sunday...

Imagine if you became a daily meditator while doing what you already do every day...


This class will teach you how to integrate meditation into your existing daily rituals! 


Think of activities you do everyday. Maybe you walk, work out, have a seated practice, write or journal or even sleep! All these activities give our minds a break from all the "doing" that goes along with "adulting" and creates an opportunity to JUST BE. 


This class will turn you into a daily meditator in just 8 weeks.  (yes, seriously.) 


And here's the best news: You don't have to carve out extra time and energy to achieve this goal. 


You will be joined by fellow leaders who share this curiosity and are ready to explore making meditation a part of daily life. Tackle your life’s biggest challenges, experience a sense of calm and live the life you want - all through daily mediation.  


In This Class You Will Learn: 


  • The science behind why meditation works

  • How to identify and shift in your brain states 

  • A process for developing a daily practice, customized for your busy schedule

  • Steps to access a state of meditation, through flow & presence



When & Where: 


  • September 21– November 9, 2021 (eight consecutive Tuesdays)

  • 1pm Mountain Time (12pm PT / 3pm ET)

  • Each session is one-hour long 

  • We will meet virtually, via Zoom 

  • All classes will be recorded and available for download


Extra Bonuses: 


  • Digital Download for Meditation

  • Handouts (pdf)


Class Outcomes: 

Upon completion of this class, you'll have your own custom meditation that works with your daily life. As of November 9th, you can truthfully say, "I meditate every day" and enjoy all the benefits that come with a calm mind, trusting spirit and open heart. 



Your instructor is James Ripley, Founder of the Guided Meditation Institute. For 28 years, James has studied how to create real, lasting change by leveraging the power of our brainwave states and what guides us.  He is a writer, speaker, & trainer in Boulder, CO who is certified in the art and science of guided meditation.


You deserve to live your life on your own terms, in your own way - powerfully, abundantly, and ease-fully. Meditation makes it possible. 

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